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Ilyssa Levins
President and Founder
Center for Communication Compliance (CCC)

Ilyssa Levins

Ilyssa Levins founded the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) to help healthcare companies save time and money, and manage risk, when promoting drugs and devices. Ilyssa intimately understands the industry's challenges and opportunities given decades of experience in marketing and regulatory compliance.

As a marketer, Ilyssa ran a global communications practice for Grey Global Group, a top-ten promotional agency. Her tenure there, from the mid-1980s through 2004, included strategy development and campaign management for integrated global campaigns.

As a regulatory compliance specialist, she helps healthcare companies and their communications agencies to boost business efficiencies and manage risk when developing promotional materials that are both compelling and compliant.

Early in her career, Ilyssa recognized that regulatory compliance was an under-served area in the healthcare communication profession. In 1991, she founded the PR section of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication, an industry advocacy group focused on FDA regulatory policy and enforcement. However, there continued to be an unmet need for a baseline competency standard for promotional/marketing regulatory compliance.

Her priority upon leaving the corporate world was to establish a center that combines the best of regulatory compliance and marketing communications expertise. To fill this industry need, Ilyssa founded CCC and launched the first standardized training courses, with corresponding certification tests, to enhance regulatory compliance in advertising/ promotion, promotional medical education, digital, patient relationship marketing, and public relations.

She invented SecureCHEK, the first web-based screener that filters out non-compliant, non-negotiable elements from promotional materials prior to review by medical, legal, regulatory and compliance professionals. Ilyssa also developed a ground-breaking methodology called the Myth Busting Mindset which fuels high performing cross-functional teams involved in promotional material development and review.

Ilyssa is a futurist, industry spokesperson and a published author/columnist on regulatory compliance healthcare communication. She was named Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) STAR in 2004, and received an HBA President's Award for pioneering association initiatives, including the DIA-HBA Leadership Project. Ilyssa was also named one of the industry's 100 Inspiring People and is recognized as an award winning industry veteran.