Copy Review


CCC offers software to help drug and device companies and their communication agencies save time and money during the copy review process, while managing risk

Compliance Check

SecureCHEKSM is a web-based checklist populated with a series of statements that comply with government requirements, corporate policies, and a brand's unique style guidelines. The Screener prompts content originators to confirm that basic parameters such as risk disclosure, appearance/format, accuracy, and references have been addressed prior to submitting the copy for review.

These prompts act as guardrails to reduce submission of materials with non-negotiable, non-compliant elements. When all of the statements in all of the parameters have been addressed, the user receives a report indicating which aspects of the material need to be reconsidered to ensure compliance.

In essence, SecureCHEK helps to assess whether materials are "review-ready" and creates a transparent filter for decision-making. The Screener can be used with any copy review system.

There are multiple SecureCHEK Screeners available off-the-shelf or for customization:

  • U.S. Government Screener
  • European Government Screener
  • Core Global Government Screener
  • Scientific Exchange Screener
  • Brand Style Screener

SecureCHEK addresses all material types for all markets; here is a sample list:

Material Compliance Checklist

With SecureCHEK, affiliates can more efficiently adapt core global materials to address regional and local compliance requirements

Core global materials cascade

SecureCHEK Benefits

  • Confirms that content originators:
    • Address basic government/industry requirements
    • Follow the Brand Book to the letter
  • Addresses all materials under review:
    • Promotional labeling and advertising materials
    • Scientific communications
  • Reduces reviewer variations:
    • Defines expectations for decisions based on corporate and regulatory compliance policies
  • Entirely customizable:
    • Available for global, regional, and local use/li>
  • Can be utilized with any copy review system