Digital/Launch Efficiency

CCC can help you align cross-functional teams and optimize copy review to increase competitive advantage, drive greater outcomes

Cross-functional teams have a limited period of time to operate smoothly and effectively to achieve significant goals. CCC's products and services help healthcare companies be innovative AND save time and money, while managing risk.

Myth Busting

Enhance performance by fueling collaboration and "healthy" tension

CCC's trust-building methodology accelerates collaboration, optimizes interpersonal communication, and lays out an implementation roadmap (click here for description).

Learn + Confirm

Level-set teams on regulatory compliance fundamentals

CCC's eLearning and onsite instruction level-set regulatory compliance knowledge and guide development and execution of programs/materials (click here for coursework).


Deliver "review ready" materials to speed up cycle time

CCC's Web-based Screener helps assess whether materials are "review-ready." This reduces submission of materials with non-negotiable, non-compliant elements. SecureCHEK™ can be used with any copy review system (click here for description).


Manage regulatory compliance/legal risk and demonstrate good faith

Former government officials, regulatory lawyers, and medical affairs professionals are available to provide guidance, conduct virtual reviews, and act as liaisons to government.